May 18, 2017

Allyssa 4K Graduation

I can't believe our last baby will be in "big school" next year. We have enjoyed our time at Funtime! Allyssa didn't start in the fall like everyone else but we were so thankful that when the time came, we were able to have Ms. Ann! She was Daulton's teacher and I know Allyssa looked forward to having her as her own teacher as well. 
The 4k classes combined and sang songs for all the families and friends. When Allyssa came out she smiled and waved at us the entire time! You can see some of that grin here!

The clip above makes me laugh so hard! She pretends to peel her banana in the song and then eats it, haha! And notice the spin at the end of the song, we love a dress that spins!

Granny and Grandpa made the trip as well!

Allyssa and her classmate Harper Wharton. I went to high school with Harper's parents, small world!

After graduation we had a just girls afternoon with our friend Lucy! First stop was chic fil a! When we got to the house they jumped from one thing to the next all afternoon. 



Before the boys made it home from school, we split the scene! First stop was the park where we walked to Brick Street Pops then came back to play. We were surprised to see another friend and classmate, Addison, came to the park to play that afternoon! Plus Mrs. Naomi and Mr. Caleb came to play which is always extra special!

That night I couldn't help but lay in the bed with her a little longer. One day she won't be so little. I'm so thankful for these days and just hope I slow down enjoy to soak up every minute. 

December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Like most, we celebrated Christmas a few different times. Our first visit was with MawMaw, Charlie's mom, at deer camp the weekend before Christmas. She was able to have a friend drop her off so the kids could spend some quality time with her at the cabin. Unfortunately the drive to camp put me into excruciating pain, which we have since found out was a very large bulged disc in my back. All of which meant my time with her was limited since I eventually had to make a trip to the ER to ease the pain so I could get home. My folks even came to help drive me home so Charlie could still go see his brother as planned. He's been in the hospital for a few weeks now, he is showing improvement but still has a long way to go! Keep praying for his healing! The good news for MawMaw is she got LOTS of time with kids...maybe more than she bargained for ha! In the end the kids had fun and we were able see family which was a blessing! There is a picture somewhere.... 

We tried to squeeze in some fun Christmas activities leading up to Christmas. Between our move next month and my back, it was definitely limited. I was able to help out at Daulton's school polar express party, which I love since I'm not teaching or coaching right now. Ms. Atwood had her class hand write notes to each of their friends, so everyone had 20 hand written notes in their stocking! The kids would read them and laugh and smile. Some would go give hugs and some had trouble reading the handwriting haha! It was so fun to watch! I was taken back by how many kids wrote down that Daulton was fast! I've saved all of these for when he gets older ;) 

At home, the kids decorated wrapping paper for the gifts from them which was awesome because it was: 1. Cheap 2. Entertaining 3. Productive. Can't beat that. They also helped out with cooking...especially the cookies for Santa and the birthday cake for Jesus. Christmas Eve we went to look at lights in town then came home and watched Christmas movies. My favorite part is watching the kids faces while they watch! Love seeing the magic through their eyes! We said bedtime prayers by the tree before bed and Daulton thanked God for sending Jesus and having his birthday, then he asked God to give Santa safe travels 💚 

Christmas day the kids were up bright and early to see what Santa brought! Electronics was the big thing this year....both William and Daulton each got age appropriate robots and everyone got a garmin watch to track their steps. My parents came early to eat breakfast with us and play with Santa toys. Aunt Martha came in town and made it to our house around noon, which was about the time my parents had to leave to go home and regroup. They returned with some of the food for dinner and lots of gifts! It was so warm this Christmas the kids spent the majority of the afternoon outside in shorts playing with the neighbors! It makes me so sad that this will be our last Christmas next to them. 

This past year has definitely brought all of us closer together. Love our crazy family. Here is our Christmas card for this year, Merry Christmas to all!!

December 11, 2016

MS Gulf Coast Marathon Weekend

Well I'm packing and the kids picked up the book I made from 2010 using my blog post and it made me realize how special this blog really is...I only skipped a few years ha! Maybe I'll be able to go back and add some that I missed but this is the official start back today. I think after Will's death it has made picture keeping and documenting that much more important to me. 

We traveled to Biloxi this weekend and could not have fit in another ounce of fun! We took the FEMA trailer and stayed at a RV park. My parents met us at the park in their RV. I don't know how we all fit in this thing. I felt it every time someone sneezed! ha!

Saturday we started with the "kids marathon." A 1.2 mile run and the kids got good hardware for finishing! And lots of food and live music at the finish.  

We grabbed a quick bite for lunch and headed to the Institute for Marine Mammals. We were able to see and learn about lot of different animals. They were even able to pet a stingray! Don't worry...their stingers were removed! In this first pic, they each had a turn petting a snake. 

We killed a little time shopping and went to the Harbor Lights show, which was also the start line for my half marathon in the morning! This was such a fun experience. We walked the park listening to Christmas music and watching the lights dance. They had some vendors set up with small fair rides, toys, and Santa was even there! We skipped out on everything except the hot chocolate, which was amazing especially since it was so cold!


Sunday was race day! The weather was amazing and the course was even better! Flat run and right next to the beach other than the last 3 miles. Loved getting to watch the sun come up. I had a great run, finishing in fastest time by 14 minutes and since college! Ended up getting third in my age group. Winner had top finisher mugs and a gift card to spend in the gift shop. Post race set up was great, we had lots of space to let the kids run around and we ate some really good food! 

What a fun weekend! Looking forward to making this a yearly trip!